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Treatment Options for Older Adults Dealing With Bunion Pain

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on April 5, 2018

You might feel that as you get older you develop new and different aches and pains every day. Throughout your life, you’ve stood on your feet, walked, and ran and they’ve supported your whole body every day. This continued pressure and stress can cause painful foot conditions, like bunions to develop. You might think that bunion pain is just a side effect of getting older, but there are many treatments you can try at home to relieve foot pain. And if at-home care doesn’t relieve your bunion pain, you can always make an appointment with your trusted podiatrist to diagnose the cause of your foot pain and provide customized treatments to relieve your discomfort, heal your bunion, and restore functionality of your foot.

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Topics: Bunions

How Flat Feet Can Cause Foot Pain While Running

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on April 3, 2018

Do you experience foot pain while running? If you have flat feet, running can become a painful problem. Flatfoot usually forms during childhood when the arches of your feet don't develop properly, but can also occur as a result of injury, disease, or extra wear-and-tear. The repetitive stress put on your feet and ankles while running can be damaging, especially if you have an unhealthy foot strike pattern.  

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Low Impact Exercises to Help You Stay Active After Foot Surgery

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 30, 2018

It's important to maintain your flexibility and strength after you've had foot surgery. While it's important for you to give your foot ample time to heal, you need to start exercising and regaining your strength as soon as you're physically able. There are several low impact exercises that can be done to improve flexibility and help you regain your range of motion and mobility. As soon as Dr. Nagy gives you the heads up, you can start by performing a few exercises every day.

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Topics: Foot Surgery

Why Does My Big Toe Hurt?

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 27, 2018

Big toe pain can strike at any time. Maybe you feel it when you stand up for the first time in the morning. Maybe after a good workout or at the end of the day your toe throbs. Or maybe as soon as you slide your foot into a shoe that normally fits your toe screams in pain. Regardless of if your big toe pain is an annoyance or if it’s keeping you from activities you love, you should get assessment and treatment from your trusted podiatrist. There's no reason to put up with big toe pain, especially as it can reduce your mobility and disrupt your life.

For those of you asking "Why does my big toe hurt?", there’s a wide range of causes from calluses to bunions or injuries.

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Topics: Ingrown Toenails, Foot Problems, General Foot Pain

How to Help a Child Suffering From Severe Foot Pain

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 22, 2018

Does your child complain of foot pain? Don't ignore it. You may think your child just wants a little extra attention, but complaining of foot pain is typically not the way he'll try to get it. Childhood foot pain can be caused by minor or temporary problems, but they can also be a sign of something more serious. Left untreated, minor foot problems can become major ones. It is best to consult your podiatrist when your child has foot pain so you don't make the mistake of making a small problem a big one. 

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Topics: HyProCure Treatment, General Foot Pain, Children

Help Your New Hampshire Podiatrist Find the Cause of Your Foot Pain

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 20, 2018

Your feet are your means of transportation as well as the foundation for the rest of your body. If they are injured or affected by chronic illness, the pain and discomfort you feel can disrupt your entire routine. Having a reputable New Hampshire podiatrist on speed dial can be the answer to your prayers. If you have the information Dr. Nagy needs before you arrive for your appointment, he can identify the potential problem and have a treatment plan in place in a short period of time.

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Topics: Foot Problems, General Foot Care

6 Simple Life Hacks to Solve Painful Foot Problems

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 15, 2018

It’s normal for your feet to hurt from time to time, they do bear the brunt of your body weight with every step you take. We’re offering some simple life hacks to help you reduce your foot problems and pain. When your foot pain is more serious, remember it’s time to talk to your trusted New Hampshire podiatrist about your concerns.  

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Topics: General Foot Pain, General Foot Care

Is Bunion Surgery Safe for Children?

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 13, 2018

In some cases, bunion surgery is not only safe for children but recommended. Many adults who get bunions can think back to a time when they were younger that they experienced foot problems or pain. This is because the main cause of juvenile bunions is heredity; bunions in children do not tend to go away on their own but continue to recur or get worse. The adult woman who gets bunions from wearing high-heeled, pointed-toe shoes most likely has a mother or grandmother who also had bunions, and they probably began to form when she was just a child. 

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Topics: Bunions, Children

3 Types of Foot Strikes That May Cause You Foot Pain While Running

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 8, 2018

A foot strike is how your foot connects with the ground during each step. If you experience foot pain while running, a common cause is a disruption in how your foot strikes or impacts the ground. This constant repetition of a poor striking pattern can lead to chronic foot, ankle, and knee pain. If not corrected, it can ultimately result in hip and lower back pain as well. There are three main striking patterns that increase your potential risk of injury and experiencing some form of chronic foot pain.

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Topics: Heel Pain, General Foot Pain, Running

What to expect after hammertoe surgery

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 6, 2018

If you’re living with the pain and mobility issues caused by a hammertoe, a minimally invasive surgery to correct your toe deformity may be the best treatment to resolve your symptoms. Minimally invasive surgeries have improved patient outcomes, reducing many of the risks of traditional surgery. Before we get into the details of what to expect during and after hammertoe surgery, let’s take a step back and review the basics about hammertoes.

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