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How to Help a Child Suffering From Severe Foot Pain

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 22, 2018

Does your child complain of foot pain? Don't ignore it. You may think your child just wants a little extra attention, but complaining of foot pain is typically not the way he'll try to get it. Childhood foot pain can be caused by minor or temporary problems, but they can also be a sign of something more serious. Left untreated, minor foot problems can become major ones. It is best to consult your podiatrist when your child has foot pain so you don't make the mistake of making a small problem a big one. 

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Is Bunion Surgery Safe for Children?

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on March 13, 2018

In some cases, bunion surgery is not only safe for children but recommended. Many adults who get bunions can think back to a time when they were younger that they experienced foot problems or pain. This is because the main cause of juvenile bunions is heredity; bunions in children do not tend to go away on their own but continue to recur or get worse. The adult woman who gets bunions from wearing high-heeled, pointed-toe shoes most likely has a mother or grandmother who also had bunions, and they probably began to form when she was just a child. 

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Common Foot Problems in Children: What to Do and When to Worry

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on November 1, 2017

Does your child complain that they're feet hurt? Because feet grow fast during childhood, kids sometimes suffer from growing pains, the most common childhood foot problem. There are other childhood foot problems that are fairly common, but some are serious and should be addressed by your podiatrist as soon as possible. If you have questions or concerns about unusual foot pain your child is experiencing, seek help from a New Hampshire podiatrist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Does Your Child Suffer from Flat Feet That Results in Foot Pain?

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on October 27, 2017

A child's foot is normally round and chubby looking at birth. As soon as they reach the age where they start to move, their feet begin to change shape. While their feet are still somewhat flat, they are becoming more defined and their arch begins to form. The more they walk and stretch their feet, the faster the arch tends to disappear. For some children, however, the flatness along the bottom of their feet doesn't change and can eventually start to affect their gait and cause foot pain. 

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