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5 Foot Problems That Look Like a Bunion But Aren't

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on January 23, 2018

If you develop a bump on your foot, near your big toe, it’s a logical assumption to think you’re developing a bunion. Even if you think that you know what’s causing your foot problem, you should make an appointment with your trusted podiatrist. There are several other foot conditions that can cause lumps to form on your foot.

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5 Surprising Toe Problems That Cause Foot Pain

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on January 11, 2018

Your feet hurt. When you stand. When you take a step. Heaven forbid you try to exercise. And let’s not talk about the pain of sliding your feet into comfortable shoes. And all you want is to get back on your feet and to be able to get through your normal daily activities without pain.

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Quick Fixes to Avoid Injuries and Foot Pain While Running

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on December 21, 2017

Runners have to take care of their feet if they plan on participating in marathons or running for pleasure. Many experience foot pain while running because they don't take necessary precautions. You can avoid pain and discomfort if you use the following tips and protect your feet and ankles from the stress caused by jogging, running, and walking long distances. 

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Find a Life Free of Foot Pain With This Treatment

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on December 15, 2017

Foot pain can have many causes. Your feet are constantly transporting your body from one place to another, often times with little to no rest. This can result in stress on the joints, inflammation, and fatigue. Combine the three and you end up with pain and discomfort that can be debilitating and eventually become chronic.

The HyProCure® procedure can help relieve your pain and inflammation. So no matter what is causing your discomfort, you can still live an active life that is free of foot pain. Maybe you can relate to one of the following scenarios.

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Gifts for You to Help Your Foot Pain [Free Resources]

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on December 8, 2017

If you are suffering foot pain this holiday season, perhaps the best gift you'll receive is care and advice on how to relieve your foot pain. At Nagy Footcare, we offer several free resources that might be just the gift you're hoping to get. Whether you need relief from bunion pain, an ingrown toenail, or minimally invasive surgery, help is available now. 

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How to Treat Overpronation That Causes Foot Pain While Running

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on October 29, 2017

When you run, you put between four and seven times your body weight of pressure on your feet, knees, hips, and back. If you have an imbalanced running gait, either over- or under-pronating, that pressure can lead to damage to your feet and ankles. This foot pain while running can lead to compensation elsewhere in your body, leading to pain and misalignment elsewhere.

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Does Your Child Suffer from Flat Feet That Results in Foot Pain?

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on October 27, 2017

A child's foot is normally round and chubby looking at birth. As soon as they reach the age where they start to move, their feet begin to change shape. While their feet are still somewhat flat, they are becoming more defined and their arch begins to form. The more they walk and stretch their feet, the faster the arch tends to disappear. For some children, however, the flatness along the bottom of their feet doesn't change and can eventually start to affect their gait and cause foot pain. 

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How the Form and Function of Your Feet Contribute to Your Foot Pain

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on October 10, 2017

Your feet support your body with every step you take. If you start to experience foot problems causing you pain on a regular basis, it can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life.

Foot pain can have many causes. Even though everyone's feet are structurally the same, the way they walk and carry their weight can differ immensely. This is why it's so important to see a doctor who specializes in caring for the feet and all of their unique attributes.

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What You Need to Know About Foot Pain Caused by Arthritis

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on September 21, 2017

As we get older, our feet begin to show signs of wear and tear like foot pain. They bear all our weight, and then some, throughout our lives. One of the common causes of foot pain, especially in patients over the age of 60, is arthritis.  You might associate arthritis with your knees, hips or even hands, but it is also a common condition that afflicts the feet.

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I Frequently Have Swollen Feet Causing Foot Pain: Should I Be Worried?

Posted by Dr. Brian Nagy on September 7, 2017

Are your puffy feet causing you foot pain? Swelling feet or ankles are fairly common, especially among older people and pregnant women. They are typically due to benign conditions. You may be able to get relief from various home-care actions, but if you are unable to reduce the swelling yourself, your feet are painful, the swelling lasts for more than a few days, or you have an underlying medical condition, you should see your New Hampshire podiatrist. 

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